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PROtect Headfoil Tape PHT003 51 x 4000 mm


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PROtect Headfoil is the ideal protection against damages to your plastic or metallic headfoil from severe contact abrasion of rotating spinnaker/guy or because of gybing gennaker sheets.


It’s a combination of special polymers and strong adhesives.


The product is available in two versions: PHT or PHB for small boat up to 40’ and PHP (high performances) strongly recommended for larger yachts or whenever a superior resistance is required.


The differences between the two versions are the polymer and the adhesive.


All products are very easy to use and apply because already cut to standard sizes of your headfoil systems but it is available in custom sizes too.




"Let me start off by saying I wish we’d started using PROtect tapes sooner! PROtect tapes have been used extensively by Ran to eliminate chafe and degradation on our sails, running rigging and other equipment during the course of our hectic season. Various grades have been used with great success to reduce friction, resist chafe and preserve our equipment: under the boom, down the headfoil, leading edges of spreaders, under running blocks.” [Chris Hosking, Ran]


“We used PROtect tapes on Il mostro rigs and they always performed exceptionally well. It’s great to work with a company that will develop products to suit your needs. Thanks PROtect” [Kean Read, Puma]


“We have used PROtect tapes in the 2010 AC Defender Alinghi 5. These tapes have done a great job in reducing the wearing of shrouds and runners against the mast due to mast rotation. We also used them on the halyards lock strops subject to extreme abuse and the tapes made them last longer. We used PROtect tapes in several areas of chafe around the deck, rig and on some ropes. This was a challenging project and PROtect tapes have helped us going through it without gear failure” [João Cabeçadas, Alinghi, February 2010]


“We have started to use PROtect tapes on board of TP52 Quantum Racing in 2009 to reduce wear on composite standing rigging and spreader tips with excellent results. Having seen the benefits, we have applied tapes in many other areas where friction with ropes would have created wear and possible failure of our equipment. The additional abuse during jibes of the asymmetrical gennaker created by the introduction of the bowsprit has been minimized by applying the tape we have developed together. It’s great to work with a company that develop products to suit your needs. [Terry Hutchinson, Quantum Racing TP52]

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