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Karver KPW130 Power Winch


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  • Mechanical advantage of additional gears allows more force to be hauled in easier—reducing winching effort by 50%.
  • Automatic--extra power engages as soon as load is sensed on drum.
  • Depowering is a simple as reversing winch handle.
  • Eliminates need to upgrade to an electric winch.
  • All winches are self-tailing.
  • Available in 3 sizes (40, 46, 52).
  • Black hard anodized aluminum.
  • Sized to retrofit most standard winches.
  • Corrosion-proof components.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • 5-year warranty.


The Trimmer’s automatic four-speed gearing mechanism provides additional winching power when you need it most. Changing gear is simple. When too much pressure builds up on the winch han- dle, just reverse the direction and the next gear is engaged. Once the line pressure is off, the winch reverts to the most suitable gearing for the next time you winch. It’s fast and very effective. The ultra-power gear reduces effort by more than 50% whilst doubling the torque. This means that with a Pontos Trimmer anyone can trim and fine-tune even the largest sails aboard.

The first two gears are the same speed as a conventional 2 speed winch so you still sheet in by hand before locking it onto the self tailer. The real benefit is how you then continue to wind-in a heavily loaded sheet with so little effort  almost with your fingertips ! On conventional winches this would require two hands, your shoulders and back and any other available leverage you can get in what is usually an awkward position.

The table below shows the ef- fort required in the winch handle when trimming a 40m2 genoa in different wind speeds when using the Trimmer or a standard 2 speed winch.

Wind speed

Load on sheet (Kg.)

Effort in Kg. TRIMMER

Effort in Kg. 2 speed winch

10 Kts




15 Kts




20 Kts




25 Kts





Making Life Easier!

On a 38” boat, with a 40m2 genoa in 25 knots upwind and using conventional two speed winches, you would need to apply 18,8 Kg. of force to the winch handle in order to trim the 526 Kg. of load on the genoa sheet. It is probable that no one on board a family cruiser is capable of doing this. However, with the Trimmer the amount of effort required is only 6,7Kg. which means that everyone on board should be able to get the job done. Such huge pulling power produced with so little effort makes the Trimmer an obvious choice for couples who are increasingly finding it difficult to handle their sails and for family cruising. Now everyone can lend a hand, a huge gain in safety at sea. Customer feedback is unanimous. One couple on a Jeanneau 45 told us “the Pontos Trimmer works as advertised: we were in 20 – 25 knots on Sunday and my wife could easily trim the main”.

After fitting Pontos Trimmers on his 1980’s Ginn Fizz, S.Brummer from Finland, remarked “The era of the 2 speed winch is over; it is only with extra gears that a family crew can safely operate a boat over 30”. This ability to trim even very large sails in strong winds makes the Trimmer a powerful tool for racing sailors too, and can prove to be a determining factor as testified by Mike Kern on board his C&C 115.



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