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Sunbeam Solpanel 55W Tough Flush

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  • Beskrivning

Since its introduction, the SUNBEAMsystem Tough series has been the absolute winner in multiple real-life tests. Due to the wide range of different models, the Tough series provides a universal solution for numerous applications. The Tough surface is the preferred choice for the yachting industry, but also for more industrial off-grid purposes. All Tough models are fitted with Sunpower™ Maxeon cells with an efficiency of 22.5% or higher.

The surface of the Tough series is extremely durable and resistant to strong and long UV exposure. It transmits more light than standard materials, contributing to a higher daily production. The ribbed profile provides a steady grip when walking on the panel, but also catches more light in low sun angles. In addition, all Tough models from 55W and up are equipped with SUNBEAMsystems protected Shadow Optimized technology, improving output in partially shaded conditions.

Tough models equipped with a flat Flush power cable are by far the best choice for marine installations. The anti-slip profile provides a safe and walkable surface, without any cables to trip on. The mere thickness of only 3mm enables a perfect installation on a yacht deck. For installation, we recommend double-sided tape or a soft flexible glue like the white Sikaflex 291i or 591.

· Powerful & Compact

· 2020-Edition Flush Fitting

· Shadow Optimized

· UV-Proof & Antislip

· 3M Mounting Tape

· 5 year warranty



Art. nr: T54x53F

Model: Tough 55W Flush

Wp: 55.4

Shadow Optimized: Yes

Size (cm): 54.5x53.5

Sunpower Cell: Sunpower

Max sys voltage incl bypass diode: 30V (65V)

Vmp: 19.5

Imp: 2.82

Voc: 25.11

Isc: 3.16

Ptol+/-: 3%

Kg: 1

Cable: 1.5m

Eyelets: 4x6

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