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Sunbeam Solpanel 109W Maxa Flush

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2 990 kr

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  • Beskrivning

The new Maxa series is packed with a lot of the unique features you will only find on a SUNBEAMsystem solar panel.

It’s fitted with an ETFE surface (the next best thing after SUNBEAMsystem Tough surface) and comes at a very sharp price.

The Maxa series has been designed as the ideal solar panel for use on both motorhomes and yachts, where value for the money matters. With a build quality and durability outshining the competition. The low weight and 3mm thickness makes it perfect for rooftop integration. Avoid the weight, air turbulence and ugliness caused by solid solar panels. The flat cable is easily glued along the roof to the cable entrance, resulting in a neat and uncluttered installation. The ETFE surface is easily cleaned by the occasional rain shower.

The Maxa series is fitted with high-efficiency cells (22.3%), ensuring you get an impressive amount of power from the available roof space. On top of that, the Maxa models are also equipped with SUNBEAMsystems protected Shadow Optimized technology, which ensures a maximum charge in all weather conditions.

Maxa panels don’t feature eyelets and need to be installed using double-sided tape or soft flexible glue such as white Sikaflex 291i or 295.

· Durability at a sharp price

· ETFE surface

· 2020-Edition Flush Fitting

· Shadow Optimized

· High efficiency cells

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