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Sunbeam Smart Lithium Basic 100Ah (2-pack)

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General info

SUNBEAMsystem SMART LITHIUM is more than an advanced battery, packed with the latest technical innovations in a discreet black casing.

Although it stores power just like any battery does, the SMART LITHIUM is far more than a simple power source. The electronics inside will allow it to be a simple drop-in replacement for your low-tech domestic batteries. While at the same time acting with all the control parameters found in a Battery Management System found in other advanced batteries today. It’s even possible if needed to keep a lead-acid battery in the same circuit! Compared it with a lead-acid battery and you will find it’s extremely light and compact. Still it can deliver an insane amount (up to 450A) of current when needed. The high continuous charging current of 150A allows for a full quick charge in under an hour. This without the losses found in old batteries. It comes with a free SUNBEAMsystem Android/iOS app to control and monitor your whole system, even when you have multiple batteries installed. Together with the long lifespan, it’s the perfect all-in-one upgrade solution for yachts and motorhomes .

What is new 2020

The all-new SUNBEAMsystem SMART LITHIUM ONE features an upgraded BMS and comes with an improved smartphone app. It is also fitted with improved heavy-duty internal connections, for an even better temperature performance at extreme power outputs. All of this put in a brand-new casing made to easily fit in your old compartment.

Convenience for the user

Packed with innovative features and offering an extremely long lifespan, SUNBEAMsystem SMART LITHIUM is a reliable power source for years to come. As opposed to a lead-acid battery, it can be discharged completely without permanently damaging the battery. Together with the in-pocket reliable information source in form of the APP and you can say goodbye to your charge-anxiety.

The ability to use 100% of the capacity makes the 100Ah an equivalent to a 200Ah lead-acid battery. On top of that, the extremely high conversion efficiency ensures that almost all power that you put in will be available for use later on. The battery itself allows for quick charging and at the same time with less resistance which allows any type of charging equipment to charge quicker and more efficient. Then after thousands of charging cycles, the SMART LITHIUM will still uphold a high percentage of its factory capacity. In fact, most users will never be able to experience any degradation during your life time.

Plug & Play

The SMART LITHIUM is completely Plug & Play! Simply remove your old-fashioned batteries and upgrade to the latest technology effortlessly. No need for extensive installation planning or support. It has been developed from scratch to solve any shortcomings that other battery types have. The SUNBEAMsystem SMART LITHIUM batteries are a drop-in replacement for users who want to upgrade to the best and safest battery technology available.

ONE or Basic

The SMART LITHIUM ONE model packs all the best features in a single battery. This includes the ability for quick charge in less than an hour. The SMART LITHIUM Basic model offers all the advantages that the ONE does, except for the quick charge. It is still as easily charged but the hardware does not allow the insane charging currents as the ONE. The big advantage of the Basic model is the unbeatable price per Ah. The Basic is only sold in 2-pack and is meant for anybody with a need for a big storage capacity.

Multi layered Safety like no other

SMART LITHIUM comes with several layers of independent safety features making it safer than any other type of new or old battery technique on the market today. First of all the chemistry is of lower energy density than any other type of previously I’ll fated lithium battery type. Instead of slightly volatile like other Lithium batteries like you find in mobile phones or electric cars our lithium chemistry makes it inherently stable. On top of that if each and every one of the cells in the battery have a safety vent which will open up the metal cell casing in case of a catastrophic event such as during an external fire.

In total a very secure battery thanks to its physical properties. But we are not satisfied by that only. On top of the physical security layers you find the control layer presented by the built in BMS that normally cares about the health of the cells. For security reasons It also monitors anomalies and will immediately take action to protect the battery and the outside preventing any possibly damage or even worse scenarios.

Due to our multi-layered safety, the SMART LITHIUM is one of the few batteries that’s certified under UN 38.3 legislation, guaranteeing it’s safe for air transport. It also means that the battery is secured against penetration (or crushing) of the cells, fire, changing air pressure, repeated vibrations, shock impact, short-circuiting and overcharging.

Powerful Android and IOS Bluetooth APP

Via the built-in Bluetooth module, you can monitor your SMART LITHIUM batteries with our SUNBEAMsystem app. It’s available for Android and iOS and works on both tablets and

smartphones. Connect your battery and get access to get real-time info such as the state of charge and (dis)charging currents or set alarms for whenever the SoC drops below a certain percentage. A unique and convenient feature is that by notifications and also a top bar indicator as well as support for wearable devices will show your battery status even when the app is inactive The app supports stacking of multiple batteries, and even allows for adding MoonRay MPPT controllers in the network. The App will show a cluster of batteries as a single unity just as you configure it.

Further knowledge regarding Lithium batteries

Highly Efficient

The round trip energy efficiency of a LiFePO4 battery is 92%, compared to a Lead Acid battery with about 80% efficiency. These values are calculated at low currents, when faced with higher currents this gap will become even larger.

SMART L I T H I U M will allow for higher currents, both while charging and discharging, without the increased energy loss experienced in a Lead Acid battery. The most noticeable result is that the charging rate from the engine alternator/generator will improve. Even without an upgrade or rearrangement of the electrical system all users will experience shorter charging times. With the right equipment the SMART L I T H I U M could be Quick Charged in under one hour.

Almost all energy stored can be used, minimizing the need to run larger consumers like a fridge only during charge.

The voltage will stay at approximately 13.3 Volt through the main part of the discharge cycle. Even under high load the voltage will be almost untouched compared to a lead based battery. This is thanks to the high efficiency in the battery but will also lead to a more effective use for most appliances in the electrical system.

The battery is built by using round cells, the same principle as Tesla utilize in their vehicles. This makes the battery slightly larger in size but allows for a passive internal cooling. The result is less wear and tear at high currents.

High Capacity

All capacity (100Ah) is fully available on a Lithium battery, while on a lead-based battery a discharge below 50% will permanently damage the battery.

In addition, virtually only solar panels or a grid connected power charger are able to (slowly) charge a Lead based battery above an 80% charge.

The above two serious flaws are the reason why it is common to explain the difference between Lithium and Lead batteries as if 100Ah Lithium corresponds to a 200Ah Lead based battery. In other words, the usable stored capacity is twice as high. This on a battery half the size and weight of a lead battery.

The constant loss of power over time, found in conventional batteries, is history. Going away for a longer period (> 1 month)? Simply disconnect the battery from the charger and enjoy a ready-to-use battery on return.