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Sunbeam 126W Tough++ Flush Solpanel


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Kampanjpriset gäller t.o.m. 2023-06-14

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With the Tough++ 126W Flush SUNBEAMsystem sets a new benchmark: it’s literally the best and most efficient solar panel on the market. The newest Sunpower™ Maxeon cells, with an incredible efficiency of 25.1%, are almost twice as efficient as the standard glass solar panels you normally see on houses. Improved cell sensitivity allows for better low light performance. Combined with our protected Shadow Optimized technology this model will provide the highest possible output per m2, not just in the lab but in real life.

If you really want to get the most out of the available space: look no further. With this state-of-the-art solar panel, you get the newest and most powerful solar technology currently available, protected by the best materials to ensure it’s resilient against the most demanding circumstances.

In addition to the highest power density, the Tough++ 126W Flush will also provide you with all the advantages of our extremely durable anti-slip Tough surface. Together with the newest SUNBEAMsystem Flush flat power cable, this will allow for seamless integration with the underlying surface, without any visible cables.

Tough++ is not only extremely powerful it also comes with the Protected Shadow Optimized design to improve output in partial Shadowing conditions.

The Tough++ series is shipped without stainless steel eyes and includes a separately packed double-sided 3M sticker sheet for easy mounting. If you prefer to use a kit instead, we recommend a soft flexible glue like the white Sikaflex 291i or 591.

· 25.1% Cell Efficiency

· Shadow Optimized

· 2021-Edition Flush Fitting

· UV-Proof & Antislip

· 3M Mounting Tape

· 5 year warranty



Art. nr: TPP106x54F

Model: Tough++ 126W Flush

Wp: 125,8

Shadow Optimized: Yes

Size (cm): 106x54

Sunpower Cell: 25.20%

Max sys voltage incl bypass diode: 30V (80V)

Vmp: 20.48

Imp: 6.08

Voc: 23.264

Isc: 6.45

Ptol+/-: 3%

Kg: 2

Cable: 2m

Eyelets: No

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